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Amie Hyman


Amie Hyman
Amie Hyman Receptionist

Amie joined the Cat Clinic team last November, which was a total career change after working at Waitrose while her children were small. Her youngest started secondary school in 2019 so it was time for a change as she wasn't needed as much and could be more flexible.

She used to work in publishing. A friend from her previous place of work, had started working at the vets and when Amie popped in for her cat, Crunchie's, vaccinations, her friend told her all about the receptionists’ job, so she applied and was fortunate to be offered the role! Well done Crunchie for helping Amie get the job!

Amie has a lovely ginger cat called Crunchie, and two children. When not working she loves camping in our camper van with the family, reading, walking and swimming.