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Anything your cat needs, we have it covered

Health Checks

Thorough health checks with the vet checking your pet's heart, eyes, ears, teeth and feeling for any unusual lumps and bumps. Pet Health Club members get a free health check every 6 months. We also offer a free health check to newly registered pets.


Vaccination is the best way to protect your furry friend against specific diseases. Vaccinations are included in Pet Health Club.


Specialist equipment for use in dental procedures. Pet Health Club members get 10% off dental treatment.


Generates images of bones and internal organs.

Operating Theatre

A sterile operating theatre fully equipped for surgical procedures.

Pet Health Club

Covers all your cat's essential routine healthcare in a budgeted monthly payment. Find out more here.

24-hour emergency cover

Bath Cat Clinic as part of Bath Vets work alongside a dedicated Accident and Emergency vets called Vets Now, they work from our Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital in Bath, looking after your pet out of normal surgery hours. Vets Now provide care overnight, at weekends and on Bank Holidays.

Vets Now are the UK’s leading Emergency Out-of-Hours care provider with more than 50 practices across the UK. They are so experienced and knowledgeable in emergency medicine, we trust them to look after your pet when we can’t be there.

Vets Now work at our Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital from 7pm until 8am during the week and from 12pm on Saturday right through to 8am on Monday morning.

During these times, Vets Now provide pets with the same excellent care and service that you have come to expect from Bath Vets. They are able to provide immediate assistance should a pet’s condition deteriorate becoming unstable or critical, giving both us and you peace of mind. This includes performing diagnostic tests, altering treatment plans and performing surgery. They are able to provide you with regular updates if your pet is hospitalised, throughout the night/weekend if desired.

If you have an emergency or need urgent advice, please continue to call us on 01225 832521 you will speak directly to the Vets Now team.

For more information about the provisions and services provided by Vets Now please click here to visit their website.

In-house Laboratory

Allows us to diagnose illness quickly with various tests and procedures on-site.

Dietary Advice

Keep on top of weight management.


Relaxing environment for your faithful friend to be pampered.


Sadly, it’s not unusual for a cat to go missing or get lost, microchipping will Increase the chances that a lost cat will be reunited with its owners. Microchipping is included in Pet Health Club.


A routine operation that will stop your cat breeding, but not only does it help prevent unwanted kittens being born, it also has a number of other benefits for your cat’s health and behaviour, contact us for more information. Pet Health Club members get 20% off neutering. 

Arthritis Management

Arthritis is the most common problem affecting older pets and can be an extremely debilitating disease.

Blood Pressure Management

Blood pressure can be simply and quickly measured in the clinic.